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Experts in Persian rug repair, cleaning % restoration. Skilled work, affordable prices. Green solutions, service in Midtown and New York. 100% guarantee.

At Persian Rug Cleaning New York, we have been dealing with the cleaning, repair and restoration of Persian rugs, area rugs,and carpets for over three decades. Whether your piece is an heirloom, an investment or a gift from a loved one, we understand that you want it taken care of by people who know their business. Well, we know ours - and after almost 30 years of serving clients across Midtown and New York, we are satisfied that our clients know it too.

We offer a variety of Persian rug, area rug and carpet cleaning services to small families and large companies, using state-of-the art machinery, non-toxic products and well-qualified technicians. We service clients locally and throughout the state, and are as dedicated to one small carpet cleaning job as the wide-scale restoration of an expensive Persian piece.

Tailor-Made Solutions For Every Client

We aim to give you the highest possible service, offering you solutions that are tailor-made to your specific needs. We offer a large variety of services dealing with area rug cleaning, rug repair and restoration, as well as carpet cleaning and installation. We understand that no two pieces are the same but that everyone expects, and is entitled to, the best possible service. That’s why we use experts who know all about rugs - whether they are Persian, Silk, Chinese or Native American We understand how gently they need to be cleaned and repaired, and how delicate their fibers are.

At Persian Rug Cleaning New York, we understand that your Persian or area rug is something you’re proud of. We also understand that it’s an item of value and therefore needs to be looked after with great care. Using the best technology and dedicated staff, we guarantee that your rug, or carpet, is returned to you in optimum condition. And with our free pick-up and return delivery service, in Midtown and across NYC you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Persian Rug Cleaning Process

When you leave your area rug with us you’ll receive a service that includes inspection of the piece (to understand exactly what treatment it needs), a powerful vacuuming, spot and stain pre-treatment, followed by a deep and gentle cleaning. If the hot water extraction method is used, the machine will have two separate tanks (keeping clean and dirty water separate). If dry cleaned, the utmost of care will be used. Once dried, it will be given some nice finishing touches to leave it looking pristine.

Persian Rug Cleaning New York

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