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At Persian Rug Cleaning New York, we’re experts in the carpet business and know exactly why our clients love them...they are soft and fluffy, your kids can roll around on them safely, and they also keep you warm in the long NY winters.

However. we’re also all too well aware of what lies beneath them - dust mites, grime, dirt, and all kinds of unpleasant allergens. The fact that you can’t see them doesn’t mean they should be there! The only real way to get rid of all these is with professional carpet cleaning, on a regular basis, and that’s where we come in.

Green and Clean - For You and Your Family

We believe that your carpet - and your family - deserve good health, and that’s why we use only non-toxic cleaning solutions at our business. They are safer than traditional products (because they contain no harsh chemicals) and they also do a fine job as well. We ‘go deep’ beneath the surface in our deep cleaning methods because we know that’s the only way to get out the grime, stains, odors and dust mites once and for all. The results, we promise, will be incredible.

Industrial Machinery With Powerful Techniques

At Persian Rug Cleaning New York, we have invested in the best technology - in this case machines with two tanks. The first sprays clean hot water on your carpet and the second extracts the dirty water. Separating these two processes means you get a really thorough clean, and one that goes deep down too.

Each machine is also calibrated to determine the specific water pressure, according to your carpet’s material and condition.

When all that is done, your carpet will be inspected one final time to ensure the fringes are straightened and the pile is in order. Then, clean and fresh, all you need to do is wait a few hours before you can use it again.

Persian Rug Cleaning New York also offers a complete carpet installation service - we remove the doors, install the strips and carpet pad, as well as trim and staple seams.

Whether you’re a small home or a suite of offices, we aim to provide you with excellent service which is why we offer a full 100% guarantee on all of our work.

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Deep Cleaning For A Great Look

Our tried-and tested cleaning methods involve the following steps...

Inspection - our staff member will take a look at the carpet, and ask you questions to understand what condition it is in and how it should be treated.

Power vacuum - this is done to remove dirt and soil from the fibers.

Pre-treatment - we then apply gentle, non-toxic conditioning and stain removing product - this means coffee, wine, grease and pet urine won’t stand a chance!

Deep cleaning - using our hot water extraction method, and high-tech machinery with two separate tanks, we’ll deep clean your carpet.

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