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Your Persian rug is probably your pride and joy. Whether it is a Shiraz, Abadeh, Bahhtiari or Afshar, no doubt it takes centre stage in your home. When it needs cleaning or repairing, you don’t want to take any chances - it has to be looked after by experts,

At Persian Rug Cleaning NY, we’ve had years of experience in this business and whether your rug is small or large and costly or of sentimental value, we take the view that it deserves the best care. That’s why we use only well-trained staff and eco-friendly products and treat each piece to our tried-and-tested cleaning methods.

Rug Cleaning That Leaves You Happy

Once your rug is at our warehouse, it will go through a process that includes the following:
Inspection - we need to know about its existing condition, to make sure we leave nothing to chance.
Dusting -we dust the rug gets rid of allergens, dust particles and dirt and grit stuck deep down inside the fibers. Dusting shakes this all loose.
Cleaning - we use two different processes at our warehouse depending on your rug’s specific needs. The first is dry cleaning and the second is deep immersion. With dry cleaning, the rug is cleaned with green solutions, then rinsed with minimal water, and patted down with soft towels. Immersion involves putting the rug in a pool of shallow water and washing it carefully with our non-toxic products.
Either way, this means that all dirt, grime, pet stains and odours will be removed
Drying - your rug will be put in a humidity-free, climate controlled room. This ensures that any moisture left in it will dissipate quickly and that mildew and mold won’t have a chance to develop.
Touch-up - any finishing touches necessary are carried out.

Free Pick-Up and Return Delivery Service.

To save you precious time and aggravation (nobody likes Midtown traffic!) we offer a free pick-up and return delivery service, every job comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise.

Get in touch with us now for a no-obligation quote and to find out more about our extensive services.

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Bring Your Persian Rug Back to Life

Beautiful rugs don’t just need cleaning, they sometimes need repair. Whether your rug’s color has faded, a hole has appeared, your piece needs binding or the fringe needs to be strengthened, we can do it. We are experienced and professional and at the end of the phone at all times.

Rest assured that whenever we repair an area rug, we first clean it thoroughly (see above). This means you’ll have it returned looking wonderful.

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