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A Deep, Thorough, Green Clean

For many people, upholstery cleaning isn't a top priority - they take the view that it’s a cost they can skip. And it’s definitely true that, over time, we get so used to looking at a piece of furniture that it becomes harder to see when it’s become shabby or even plain filthy. And even when upholstery doesn’t look visibly dirty, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of grime, dust and allergens hiding within the material.

Cleaning that Protects You and Your Family

It's also important to remember the health benefits of upholstery cleaning. There are so many - a deep clean removes bacteria from your sofa or chair’s material. It will eliminate all kinds of odors - particularly those caused by your beloved pet. Life will become a lot easier for anyone in your home who suffers from allergies (such as asthma or skin irritations). And the air quality will improve - fast! Every time someone sits down on furniture, dust from it flies into the air, and once that dust has been removed, it cannot be breathed in!
We work with all kinds of materials - wool, leather, cotton, corduroy - so whether your material is handwoven or synthetic, we can clean it. Our professional technicians will steam clean and shampoo your couch, remove the toughest spots and bring your furniture back to life. So call us now - our friendly customer service team will be glad to advise you further and give you a free no-obligation quote.
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